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On Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 2:30 pm on Zoom video, Christian Science Lecturer José de Dios Mata will speak on "Living in the 'Kingdom of Heaven' right here and now."


The message is clear and simple. Heaven is within us, and not a place in the future. It is a mental and spiritual state without a single element of delay or waiting that is at hand as Christ Jesus taught. This lecture takes a look at how we can bring healing, restoration, and regeneration to our lives by actively living moment by moment in the kingdom of harmony.

It shows how prayer and the expression of such attributes as mercy, justice, and unselfishness can reveal this ever-present kingdom right in the midst of the most difficult situations. Proofs of healing help to develop these ideas and show that we can be eyewitnesses to divine Love's all-inclusive government and control that is, as The Lord's Prayer says, "on earth as it is in heaven."




Living in the 

Kingdom of Heaven

right here and now 

José de Dios Mata

A century ago, Christian Scientists in Healdsburg met in private homes, then Odd Fellows Hall on the Plaza. Ninety years ago, our church edifice was built. We are still here and going strong, Loving and healing our community through Church services and Sunday School every week at 10:30 am and Wednesday night testimony meetings each week at 5:30 pm. In addition, we sponsor a Christian Science lecture yearly on current topics.